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40 Over 40 Portrait Experience

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40 Over 40 Portrait Experience HERE


What an amazing experience!

Being in front of the camera is far outside my comfort zone. But, Jana is such a talent and the makeup artist, Leilani, was a joy to work with as well. Thank you for the care you give. Your artistry honored my power, beauty and spirit and the experience stayed with me long after the session was over. Damn, I felt beautiful today!

– Gail


There are photographers, and then there's Jana!

She's in a league of her own. This was more than just a photo session, it was a memorable experience that made me feel like a badass beautiful bitch!

– Rachel


Life changing experience!

You won’t regret one minute of  a photo session! I never in a million years could have predicted I would participate in anything like this but it was really a life changing experience for me. That day in the studio has changed how I look at myself. The 40 over 40 project is such a wonderful way for aging women to see  themselves in a positive, encouraging, powerful way!

– Ali


I could not be happier with my photos, as I feel jana captured ME. It’s not an easy thing to see a picture of myself and instantly like it - too many years of programming!  But I love these photos. I really love Jana for this gift of seeing myself this way.


– Leah

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