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Let me help you up your game!

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I've been a photographer for over 30 years, shooting documentary, editorial, and fashion-inspired portraiture.

  • I have an MFA in Photography and previously taught at San Jose State University in California.

  • I am an accredited Associate Photographer of Sue Bryce and The Portrait Masters.

  • I have also been a professional graphic designer and marketing expert.

  • Currenty, I run a six-figure portrait studio.

I can help you reach your photo business goals

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Get one-on-one photography

and business mentoring sessions customized to meet your needs.

I offer a free 15-minute Zoom consultation, where we can zero in on what you would like to improve with either your photography or your photography business.  We can also explore if we are a good fit. From there, we will develop a plan in which to focus your mentorship. All mentoring sessions are via Zoom.

Some of the topics we can explore are:

  • Portfolio Build with Jana: Come spend a day at the studio with me and build your portfolio! I'll supply the makeup artist and models, and together we can build you a fabulous portfolio that will strengthen your shooting chops and attract clients.  And we will have a great time doing it!


  • Folio Critque: Improve your photography, composition, lighting, and posing skills. Learn in-depth, one-on-one with me via Zoom.

  • Pricing/Sales: Afraid to raise your prices? Not sure what they should be? I can help you get them in order and in a way that helps you up-sell!


  • Photoshop Basics: Learn basic to intermediate skills to up your game with Photoshop.  We can cover such topics as basic functions to skin retouching and frequency separation for flawless skin in a jiffy.


  • Marketing: Feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to do to get your business running smoothly and attract clients? I can help you come up with actionable steps to guide you through it. Let's critique your website and social media to get you running a clean marketing campaign for your business.

  • Preparing for an Editorial Shoot: Did you just get your first big job on location and feeling overwhelmed? I can teach you how to be prepared and organize your process for a flawless shoot that will wow your clients.

  • Preparing for an Exhibit: The "what" and "how" of preparing for an exhibit.

Mentoring: $250 an hour

10-hour Mentoring package: $2000

Portfolio Build at the Studio: $3000 (includes HMUA, models, and more!)

Schedule a 15-minute free consultation
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Questions? Contact us at 831-458-2377 or email us

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