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What clients had to say about their experiences


I booked a session

 with Jana to document where I'm at in life, having just turned 55. When the date arrived I was both excited and wanted to run in the opposite direction because I hate photos of myself. I am so glad that I followed through; the session was the best birthday gift I've ever given myself. Thank you, Jana! I loved working with you. You're a fantastic photographer; the photos are absolutely amazing.

– Daria


I am overwhelmed by how beautiful jana has made

me look.

This whole process has been so fun and positive.  I have loved every minute.  Thank you so much for the time, energy and talent you have shown me.

– Darlene


When I look at my photos I'm so proud of myself.

 I can see my joy.  It’s empowering to know that by stepping out of my comfort zone and doing something scary I accomplished something incredibly positive. Jana is changing the lives of the people she photographs.  Everyone who comes in front of her lens discovers something about themselves that they didn’t know before. I’ve already booked my next shoot!

– Kimberly


So much fun and Jana is such a pro.

Going through the 50/50 Portrait Experience gave so many of us more courage, strength and purpose. Thank you Jana!

– Leslie

african american women

What an amazing experience!

Being in front of the camera is far outside my comfort zone. But, Jana is such a talent and the makeup artist, Leilani, was a joy to work with as well. Thank you for the care you give. Your artistry honored my power, beauty and spirit and the experience stayed with me long after the session was over. Damn, I felt beautiful!

– Gail


There are photographers, and then there's Jana!

She's in a league of her own. This was more than just a photo session, it was a memorable experience that made me feel like a badass beautiful bitch!

– Rachel


You are BRILLIANT! You actually made me look like I want to look, like I feel inside.

Jana has the unusual ability to bring out the essence of a person in her photography. When you next need a portrait, she's the one! 

– Patrice


I couldn't be happier with my photos, as I feel Jana captured ME. It’s not an easy thing to see a picture of myself and instantly like it - too many years of programming!  But I love these photos. I really love Jana for this gift of seeing myself this way.


– Leah


Jana puts you

at ease,

 as she takes professional, fantastic shots! I love both the product and experience every time I work with Jana.

– Josiah


A wonderful experience from start to finish.

Jana's ability to communicate her vision leaves you feeling beautiful, alluring, and free in front of the camera.

– Ashley


Thank You Jana

for such a wonderful photo shoot experience! You are amazing to work with!

– Marie





I truly love this woman!

– Gypsy Elise


Every time I get a call directly from

a casting office or production, the first thing they say is "You Have A Great Look." That's a look that Jana created.

When I decided to take my on-screen career seriously, I went to Jana for headshots. Her unique eye and affinity for composition has helped bring me into professional level opportunities that have shaped my career in ways I couldn't imagine.

– Ron


I was so comfortable

  posing for Jana. I didn’t feel camera shy at all. And I love my images! And so does my sweetheart and my family.

– Lora Lee


Jana is a remarkable person and amazing artist!

She has a special way of making someone feel extremely comfortable in front of a camera and an eye for what will work for each individual. I am very happy with my portraits and will definitely recommend her to my family friends, and colleagues!

– Aimée


I will travel to the ends of the earth for Jana

when I'm in need of another "real" headshot!

As someone who has always dreaded headshots, not because of the camera, but because of my own self doubt and self inflicted need to be perfect in "this" photo. I can tell you first hand, Jana will make you feel at ease and she has a superhuman ability to find your "this."

– Matt


what an amazing session!

Jana is a genius when it comes to getting the most dynamic portraits that truly represent her subject. I've never had more authentic portraits of my best self. Grateful!!

– Karin


You won't be disappointed

You won't be disappointed. She's a brilliant and sensitive photographer. She makes you feel confident that she'll find the beauty. 

– Helene


What an amazing day. I feel empowered!

 Today was a rebirthing of sorts. Had a photo shoot with the incredible Jana Marcus. What I saw on the back of her camera took my breath away, I didn’t recognize me. Look out world,

here I come!

– Felice


I did a portrait session with Jana

 and it was an incredible experience with great results.

– Carol


Jana did an exceptional

job on my mug.

Love my headshots.

– Erik


 Jana knows how

to bring out the best in you when you aren't sure of it yourself. It was such a comfortable setting...thank you Jana and her make up artist, Katie!

– Cat


I know this is weird

 to say about photos of myself, but – I love them so much!

Thank you!

– Cheryl


Jana is a absolutely fabulous.

 She made me feel very comfortable and I could not be more pleased with the results. Thanks Jana for putting a smile on my face.

– Jane

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