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Why the 40 Over 40 Portrait Experience Empowers Women

I'm 61 this year. Oy...let that sink in for a moment...61! I don’t feel 61…but the body is changing. There’s more lines, more sagging, testing the waters of going grey, and learning to deal with illnesses and loss I never even thought about when I was younger.

But you know what? I really like myself these days…I like who I am. I’ve learned a lot of lessons over the years about kindness, compromise, forgiveness, self value and so much more. I’m also living my dream of running my photo studio full time and I love it.

I, like many women over 40 or 50+, tend to be very hard on myself about how I look. That’s when I have to stop myself and stop the self-hate language. I’m 61! I have earned every line on this face, and the extra pounds, and I’m learning to be OK with it.

When I photograph myself, like I did above, it helps me remember what a strong, accomplished woman I am…..and what an amazing life I have lived so far. Seeing my own photo makes me feel vital and relevant, if only for myself. THIS IS THE POWER OF REALLY SEEING YOURSELF and loving yourself for who you are …right now…this very moment.


This is why I continue to offer the 40 Over 40 Portrait Experience at the studio – because I want every woman over 40, to feel great about herself…and to rediscover that she is beautiful in every way…and still vital and important.

Learning to love the woman staring back at you in the mirror is not selfish – change that mindset you learned when you were young! It’s time to reclaim and redefine. A beautiful portrait is one way to feel transformed and empowered.

I love the photo I took of myself. I may look like hell in the morning when I wake up, but when I see this I remember that I can get it together and look as good on the outside as I feel on the inside.

How do you feel about yourself?

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