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Tips for Photographing on a Green Screen!

A hi-tech company asked me to shoot one of their team members - on a green screen!

This can be tricky, so I wanted to share the set-up for anyone who may be curious or find themselves in this position.

For a green screen to be successful it MUST be evenly lit, yet doing that can create way to much light flair on the subject, wrapping around and falling on their head and cheeks.

Here's what I did:

1. I set-up two lights with basic reflectors, pointed on either side of the key green backdrop (hex green savage paper). I then put umbrella's on the reflectors (bent in) for bright even light on the backdrop.

2. Then i wrapped each of those lights within v-flats, with the black side facing out, so light wouldn't flair onto the subject. It created a kind of tunnel (see image).

3. The subject was several feet from the backdrop, lit by a single deep octa on camera right, and white reflector in front of the black v-flat, bounced camera left.

The outcome was a nice , soft shadow on the subject, completely separated from the bright green background. Now the subject can be easily cut-out and placed into any backdrop the client desires.


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