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Garage Studio Renovation

I gave up a great studio space several years ago when we bought a new house. I'd been doing mostly location work and the occasional headshot in the garage since then – and I was tired of it. Time to get serious and create a dedicate functional space for my work, and a nice place for clients to visit!

Here is part one of converting my garage into a working photo studio!


This is the biggest part - purging! The summer was spent getting rid of stuff and having a garage sale. I made a "maybe get rid of" pile that took up 1/3 of the garage, and I have been slowly pecking away at it.

As of today, a row of track lights have been installed, the garage door motor has been removed to allow for more space for high-positioned lights (ceilings are 9'), a base coat of paint has been put on the floor and the walls are painted. This was a slow process as I had to move everything counter clock wise to get it all painted.

I'm trying to do this on a small budget and utilize many items that i already have - at least to start with.

Check out my video - which will serve as the "before" look – and follow me as I complete the project!



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